In business, we are often told to expect the unexpected, to have contingency plans for unseen threats or to mitigate potential risks. But sometimes, there just isn’t a clean cut solution, especially when there are factors which are way beyond our control. A global pandemic, disruptions in logistics and political and social unrest have all made it difficult for brands these past few years.

While there are no guidebooks, numerous brands have led by example to show that challenges can also come with new ventures and opportunities. Brands have demonstrated that they have the capacity to change and the flexibility to adapt. The world is not going back to how things used to be and we need to learn to live with and adapt to a new normal.

The brands that have accepted and used this shift to their advantage, have been rewarded for their initiative, attitude and mindset. Whether or you embraced the new normal, or still long for how things used to be, we can all agree that this new normal is here to stay.

Welcome to a Brand New World.

The 7th Edition of Brand Magic was held on 21 July, 2022 and was centred around the theme of understanding the rapid changes in technology and the consumer concerns that are forcing brands to stay relevant. It is never too late for brands to make the most of existing developments and to be a part of new ones.

Brand Magic 2022 covered topics ranging from brand building and the new brand experience, making the most of the metaverse, marketing in new landscapes and humanising brands.

Ravin Lama

Managing Director, Mind Initiatives

Ravin is the Chairperson of the Brand Magic’s Organising Committee. He is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Trainer & Coach.

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