Data Protection

Data Protection Act 2017: Participant’s Consent Form

What is personal data?

Personal data is any data which relates to you. This may include the information you have provided in the Registration form and videos/photographs/screenshots that may be taken during the online Brand Magic 2024.

How and for how long will you store my data?

The record of your case will be stored in an electronic database system accessed by employees of Mind Initiatives Ltd. Paper copies of your data may also be stored securely and accessed by employees of Mind Initiatives. Your personal data will be erased as soon as Mind Initiatives Ltd no longer requires using same for its purposes (described below).

For what purposes will you use my data?

Your data will be used for the purpose of your participation at Brand Magic 2024. Furthermore, we may use your telephone number, postal address and/or email address to communicate with you, including marketing communication and information of commercial and advertising nature. We may cause to publish on our webpage, books, magazines, and leaflets your name, organisation, position, and in some instances, videos/photographs/screenshots of you that may have been recorded/taken during Brand Magic 2024. We will also use your email address to send you the link to join the Brand Magic 2024 virtual conference.

Can I withhold or withdraw my consent?

Yes, you may withhold your consent or withdraw it at any time. However, Mind Initiatives will not be able to process your Registration Form. In the performance of the contract between you and Mind Initiatives Ltd, that is, your participation at Brand Magic 2024, it is necessary for Mind Initiatives Ltd to process the aforementioned personal data so as to be able to identify you, communicate with you, and allow you in premises where videos/photographs/screenshots will be recorded/taken.

What is a Controller?

A Controller is someone who is responsible for your data and who must make sure that the processing of your personal data is performed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2017. For example, they are responsible for making sure that the information held about you is accurate and that it is kept secure. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2017, the MD of Mind Initiatives Ltd, Mr Ravin Lama, is the Controller.

The Controller’s contact details are as follows:

Mr Ravin Lama
Mind Initiatives Ltd
2nd Floor Ebène Junction Suite 207A, Rue de la Démocratie, Ebène 80817, Mauritius.
Tel: +230 54994050 / 54410761
Email address: [email protected]

Why might you share my personal data? Who will you share it with?

We will only ever share your information for the purposes we have stated, unless required to do so by law.

Your right of access

You have a right to ask for a copy of your information free of charge, rectify any inaccuracies, restrict or erase your personal data, or object to its processing. Under the Data Protection Act 2017, the Controller is required to respond to your request within one month.

Your right to lodge a complaint

You have a right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner if you form the view that the Data Protection Act 2017 or any regulations made under it, has or have been, is or are being, or are or about to be, contravened.