A Juicy Insight into Nature’s Juice

By Magalie Lo Hun

Magalie has a Masters in International Business and a BA in Graphic Design & Creative advertising from Curtin University. She started her career in La Trobe in 2015 as a Market Developer and was promoted to Brand Manager in 2020, a position she holds to this day. She has nine years’ experience in the communication and marketing field and has developed more than 50 brands for both International and Local clients.

After its launch by La Trobe in 2010, in just a few years, Nature’s Juice has become one of the most popular juice brands among Mauritians. In a context where the local juice market is largely dominated by an imported brand, and has been for decades, Nature’s Juice is its most serious competitor. The positioning of the brand has fluctuated between second and third place for several years, thus being one of the favourite local juice brands of Mauritians.

nature's juice

Production of Nature’s Juice Ice Tea 200ml in aseptic packaging

In 2017, Nature’s Juice even achieved the feat of becoming number one in the local market, something that no other Mauritian juice brand has managed to achieve before. The brand clearly displays its ambition by constantly aiming for the leading position.

Going back to the origins of Nature’s Juice requires a little  return to the history of La Trobe. Since 2001, the company has produced Snowy, a brand of UHT milk, also made in Mauritius. However, it turns out that the machinery necessary for milk production is also capable of producing juices in Tetra Pak, after a complete automatic cleaning of the machinery, a process that lasts more than 6 hours. As there were few local offers in the juice market at the time, La Trobe decided to enter this segment, given that the company already had all the necessary tools.


The first three flavours of Nature’s Juice were Apple, Orange and Peach.

At the beginning, Nature’s Juice had only offered 3 flavours of 100% fruit juice; apple, orange and peach. It had a distinctive black packaging which featured and highlighted the fruit presented. From its beginnings, the brand seduced consumers for its undeniable quality, and made a place for itself on the market.

Since 2014, the range has expanded its flavours to include pomegranate, coconut, mango, lemon and mint. In 2015, Nature’s Juice created a buzz in Mauritius by launching the Pina Colada in bricks and Tropical flavours in 2017. Once again a pioneer, the brand was the first local brand to launch juice cocktails available in Tetra Pak aseptic bricks positioned at the same price as its range of 100% fruit juice.

cocktail-nature's juice

Our three best sellers are from our cocktail range: Lemon & Mint, Tropical and Pina Colada.

These cocktails were immediately a great success with consumers, democratising the access to this type of drink in Mauritius. Until today, the cocktails Citron & Mint and Pina Colada are the bestsellers of Nature’s Juice on the island. Since then, the brand has continued to expand its range with the addition of 100% grape juice and 100% grapefruit juice flavours launched in 2021.

Another milestone year for Nature’s Juice was 2018, during which the brand launched its range of Ice Teas, the largest range available in Mauritius, consisting of 7 different flavours, as well as the launch of its 200ml packs. In order to maintain a constant improvement of its product range, Nature’s Juice aims to launch at least one novelty per year.

special tea-ice tea

Nature’s Juice has the largest range of Ice Tea’s produced locally, Mint, Peach, Mango, Lychee, Lemon, Apple and Red Fruits.

Each new reference signed Nature’s Juice is the result of a long research and development process, which lasts about a year. Many tests are carried out internally to identify the aromas and flavours that appeal most to Mauritian tastebuds. The quality of the products is systematically validated in the laboratory by scientists who are part of the local La Trobe team. The company has its own laboratory, located in Tyack as well as a production unit. Nature’s Juices are also Made in Moris, as well as ISO 9001 and HACCP certified.

The brand also puts a lot of emphasis on the well-being and health of Mauritians. For example, opting for Tetra Paks aseptic bricks, a healthier container for its juices because it does not contain harmful plastic particles. When it comes to taste, Nature’s Juice is undoubtedly the favourite juice range of Mauritians. The brand’s products score highest in regular blind taste tests conducted by La Trobe, proof that the desire for quality is what sets Nature’s Juice apart from its competitors. Blind testing is conducted every six months, and the brand’s products are generally rated 18% higher than its competitors.

The core values that carry the Nature’s Juice brand are “Active, Trendy, Innovative, Healthy and Appealing”. Its tagline, “Viv to lavi has 100%!” is a reference to the 100% pure fruit juice range, but also a reminder that you have to savour life at every moment. Freshness, taste and vitality are the main characteristics of our products.

Lavi li Zoli avek Nature’s JuiceThe quality/price ratio is one of the best assets of Nature’s Juice. In comparison with products of similar range, the brand always pulls its weight not just in terms of taste and quality, but also cost. Nature’s Juice has been designed for the Mauritian market, with products specially designed for local palates, thanks to numerous market studies and tests carried out on each of them.

The raw materials used are carefully sourced and selected for their quality and nutritional value. Oranges, for example, come from the best orange groves in Brazil, a country celebrated for the quality of its orange production. Mangos are imported from India for their nutritional values, and the concentrates are produced by the most reputable European companies in the field.


Nature’s Juice is a proud sponsor of the Tour de Maurice since 2015.

Nature’s Juice is now an integral part of the daily lives of many Mauritians. The brand has been a regular sponsor of cycling competitions in Mauritius since 2015. Nature’s Juice is marketed in all supermarkets and hypermarkets on the island. The brand is also present on the various digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok).

Firmly anchored in the Mauritian market, Nature’s Juice has already begun its expansion in foreign markets. The brand’s products have been available in Reunion since 2016, Comoros since 2017, and in Mayotte since 2020. The expansion strategy is currently continuing, with the aim of making Nature’s Juices available in all the markets of Indian Ocean countries. This forms part of la Trobe’s overall strategy with the ultimate goal of reaching the Top 10 in Africa in its sector of activity.

Today we are proud of our 12 years of existence, and we are glad to launch our 12th flavour of Juice the Nature’s Juice Pineapple this July 2022, “Lavi li Zoli avek Nature’s Juice”

Magalie Lo Hun
Magalie Lo Hun, Brand Manager, La Trobe.